Oh. My. Gosh. I just read the post on Writer Beware about that hoax where a writer got scammed into thinking they were not only going to be repped by a Writer's House agent but that their book sold immediately in a six-figure deal. Sheesh. If you want to read about the post, go here.
     Can I just say- how awful. I'm shaking my head at the awfulness of the whole thing. Can you imagine, thinking your dream is actually coming true, only to find out it was just a cruel joke?
     The lesson here is learn all you can. I have a fear of things like this in the back of my mind, but mostly, I think everything will just work out for me. I won't get scammed by a fake agent or someone who wants to take all my money. But you never know do you? And when you're in the throes of finally realizing your dream, I can see how you would lose your level-headedness.
      I think everyone should be aware of this, so if you haven't heard about it, read the post. And then don't let it freak you out so much that it ruins your weekend!