So I'm going really strong on my WIP. I'm at just under 25,000 words which is pretty good I think for only three weeks of work. It could have been more of course if not for life getting in the way as usual (like WriteOnCon, and a spur-of-the-moment camping trip this past weekend).
     Anyway, so I was thinking about my WIP last night and realized that I have a problem. Or two.
     I. Hate. That. I want to keep moving forward, keep writing. I don't want to have to stop and go back and fix something. Some people say, never go back until the whole thing is finished. Heck- I even say that sometimes. But one of my problems is this: I need to change my MC's job. This is an adult novel, not YA this time, and a job is pretty important to a person's life. I need my MC to have a job, and yet I need it to be in the background. A job that isn't daily 9-5. I thought I had it set, but then I realized, there is NO WAY my MC would spend four years of schooling to become a nurse (yes a nurse is what I picked) and then not actually NURSE. That's just not realistic. I can see it if she had kids or something. But she doesn't. In fact, if anything, she would want to get away from her family to do her job. So it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER for her to get her nursing license and then not practice.
     So. Crap. I have some changing to do whether I want to or not. Because I can't move forward when this major part of my MC's life isn't sorted out.
     And this problem doesn't even include the fact that I haven't totally figured out my novel's locations yet. Yikes. Right now I have a whole lot of question marks where the places should be named. I need to figure this out too before I move forward.
     Am I the only one who needs to resolve problems before moving forward? Or can you ignore those things and fix them after the whole book is done?