Nothingness (Or more accurately- I'm A Rock Star, Crush of the Week, and A Couple Videos)

     I am such a rock star! Okay, maybe not, but I was interviewed over at Michelle Merrill's blog Perfecting the Craft. which makes me sort of feel like one. A little. Maybe if I play some Guitar Hero that will amp up my whole rock-star persona. Anyway, check it out. Michelle has an awesome blog, one of the first I ever followed.
     I missed Crush of the Week last week- my mind was too busy with WriteOnCon to be crushing on anyone (haha). But I've got one this week. Okay, I've mentioned Rupert Penry-Jones before, but I can't help it. He's the inspiration for the love interest in my WIP Sway. And by inspiration, I mean he is the guy. Usually I don't do this. Usually I have the character in my head and then as the book goes along I have fun coming up with different actors/actresses who could play my characters even though none really look like the version in my head. Not this time. Not with my character Eric Wentworth. He is this guy. I can't help it- RPJ is just who I picture as I write Eric. Another reason why I've chosen him for Crush of the Week is that this week I watched two movies he's in (research purposes, you know): The Four Feathers, and The 39 Steps (see pics from both movies below).

     And because I love videos (thanks to all those people who take the time to make them and post them on youtube- I didn't make this video, I'm borrowing it), I thought I'd add this video, in case, you know, you wanted to see more RPJ. Heehee.

     And speaking of videos, I went to the Taylor Swift concert last weekend and mentioned how amazing I thought it was. Then this week I found her new video for her song "Sparks Fly" which is clips from her concerts. So I thought I'd post the video in case anyone's interested in seeing what her concert is actually like. Enjoy!