Road Trip Wednesday- A Chance to Look at Pretty Pictures

     This week's Road trip Wednesday:
Share some images that inspire your WIP
     This should be fun because I've never done this kind of thing before. So I think I'll share some that have inspired Daze and Knights, which isn't exaclty my WIP (book 2 would be I suppose), but it's still not completely done with the whole editing thing yet so...
     Wow, I actually found this to be VERY difficult. Maybe because the book takes place mainly in a medieval castle or village. Here's what I got though...

It was VERY hard finding a picture of a girl holding a sword that wasn't animation or trying to be sexy (which this one is but it's tamer than some of the other ones).

Hampshire Castle
The closest thing I could find of a glowing tree (aside from the Avatar one)

You may wonder why a Barbie picture? Well it was this movie that inspired Jessica's training outfit which looks basically like this except it's brown. You can't see the knee-high boots here.

Melee or battle


The forest where Jessica wakes up


And of course I just cant resist a picture of the actor I want to play Alric- Alex Pettyfer