Books and News

     I'm absolutely itching for the last Harry Potter movie in a week. Itching. Or maybe that's my sunburnt back. Anyway, I figured I needed a short HP break, so I decided to read something else before I get to Deathly Hallows. And I wanted to read the book closer to when I see the movie. Why? Who knows. Probably because I'm mental.

     Anyway, I read Everlasting by Allyson Noel on Tuesday. This is the last book in her Immortals series. It's a good series overall. I love the love story between Ever and Damen that spans the entire series. I also like how she talks a lot about karma and spirituality in a personal sense. It's kind of new age but she gives a great message through the books without being preachy. And I loved loved loved the way she ended the series. My only complaint was this book had a lot less action and a lot more introspection as Ever is trying to figure everything out. Understandable for the last book in a series, but still- it could have had a little more action for me. My favorite part of the book was when she travels back to a past life (these books talk about reincarnation a lot too). Although I had to gasp at her use of the names Alrik and Fiona during that part. Not that I have the only right to those names but still, I couldn't help my loud "HEY!".

     Since that book only took me a day, I decided to read The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan. I'm still in the middle of it but it's as awesome as all his other books. If you've never read him- DO IT NOW! His voice is just INCREDIBLE. So funny, so perfect. His books with their crazy/hilarious chapter titles are what inspired me to come up with my own chapter titles. Chapter 1 of this book is called: Fun with Spontaneous Combustion. I mean the voice is just so there all the time, I love it. He inspires me.

     In other news... or this is ACTUAL news... I read (here) that Stephenie Meyer is producing the movie version of Shannon Hale's Austenland. For someone who loves that book and loves Stephenie Meyer, this was great news to me. Can't wait to see it and I hope they do the book justice!