Need A Little Love Inspiration?

     I know I posted a dance routine yesterday. I'm way behind on my SYTYCD- I've got two weeks of shows on my PVR that I haven't watched yet. Last night I watched the top 14 show and saw this number (above).
     Wow. Just, wow. I could go on and on about how amazing it was but if you watch it you'll see.
     Aside from the amazing technique and performance, I just FELT so much watching the number. The dance completely and perfectly and wondrously (love my adverbs) showed that feeling of first being in love. That floating-on-air, passionate, breathless, able-to-do-anything, intense, feeling. If you need some inspiration for love or a relationship in your writing, watch this. I guarantee, you'll get the inspiration you need. I especially love the part where he crawls his fingers up her arm, then down her other arm. Gave me the shivers.
     Again, wow.