I Got You and Road Trip Wednesday

     I'm totally obsessed with "I Got You" by Leona Lewis. It all started when I watched this dance number. One of my favorite routines so far this season. Watch it, it's amazing. I also have the song on my last Harry Potter post- it's the background song on the video tribute to the actors. Such an awesome song.

     On to Road Trip Wednesday. I skipped last week cuz I was too Harry Potter involved. (I saw the movie again last night. It was toonie tuesday, so why not?!) So here's today's question: Who are your favorite literary villains/antagonists, and why?

Um, duh... VOLDEMORT. Such an evil, evil wizard. So evil that he split his soul multiple times by murdering others, just for immortality. Goll, he's bad. And it's so satisfying when *spoiler alert* he gets his in the end.

And also, SNAPE. Although *spoiler alert* he doesn't end up being a villain, he's still so mean throughout all the books. He's probably a favorite of mine because we learn his story- we find out the reason for the meanness. We find out that he's not just evil, he's sad, and lonely, and he made some bad choices. Poor, poor Severus.

A completely different kind of villain, but one I love to hate- George Wickham from Pride and Prejudice. He's smooth, charming, handsome. But a snake. A ruin-er of innocent girl's virtue. And a big inspiration for one of my own characters.

So what about you? What villains do you love? Or love to hate?