Thank You's and Road Trip Wednesday

     First off, I need to say two very big thank you's and send them out to the world. First to Michelle, for an AWESOME, AMAZING, TRULY FABULOUS critique. I'm still not done going through her edits yet but it has been invaluable. It's amazing that even though I've edited my book so many times I've lost count, there are still things I didn't notice. Like all the adverbs! (I swear I thought I hardly used them- haha!)
     Second, to YA Highway for three amazing query critiques. I won them off the Help Write Now Auction, and I couldn't be happier that I did. Even though my query still isn't there yet, their comments were very helpful and constructive. Hopefully I'll finally be able to get a winning query written.

     Speaking of YA Highway, it's Road Trip Wednesday and this one is an easy one. Are you a plotter or a pantser?
     Definitely a pantser. While I usually have my ending in mind before I even start, I start the book and just go from there. I'm always amazed by what comes out too. While reading back Daze and Knights while I edit, I can't remember where some of those ideas came from. Oh well- came they did and I think they work so, YAY. But I'm a little bit of a plotter too in the way that if my book ever became a series, I know the basic ideas for 3 other books aside from the sequel I've almost finished. And I know exactly how I want it all to end. But mostly, I'm a pantser.
     What about you?