There are some books that really make an impact. They are powerful, unforgettable, incredible. These books are usually the kind that I only want to read once. I'm glad I read the book, I'd recommend it to EVERYONE, but I would never read it again because it deals with subject matter that is difficult to read about, sometimes disturbing. The Kite Runner is one of these books. Another, which I read last night, is Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

     The book completely caught me in its iron grasp and I couldn't let it go, even though I told myself I needed to get to bed and could finish it tomorrow. I couldn't do it. I read until it was done and then I laid in bed thinking of it, unable to fall asleep. This is the kind of book I will never forget. It taught me things. I hope my girls will read it when they are old enough so that they will learn from it as well. If you haven't read it- do. Now. Trust me. It's just one of the books you MUST read.