Random Thought Thursday

     1. I really love DWTS (hence the picture). Chelsea should win. And one day I'd like to dance the Argentine Tango.

     2. Speak the book is waaaay better than Speak the movie, although kudos to Kristen Stewart who does a great job with hardly any lines.

     3. My keyboard totally sucks. Sometimes it won't acknowledge certain letters and sometimes it will just randomly go in CAPS even though I never pressed the button. What the heck? (This is an exple ofwhat mysentences look like nrmally becaus the stupid keyboardwont do it properly- and I swear it's not JUS BAD TYPING.) ***My husband just informed me he ordered me a new keyboard. Hallelujah!***

     4. I really wish I could be one of those skinny girls who just eat and eat and eat and never get fat. That would really help with my supreme love of (almost) all food. No such luck though. Instead I'm back on weight watchers (solo) to try and lose those unwanted pounds I gained this last year. Sigh- goodbye Swedish berries. I will miss you.

     5. Laurie Halse Anderson is simply incredibly. I just read Wintergirls- it's about anorexia. I so couldn't write books about such heavy subjects.

     6. Writing a book around actual historical events is EXTREMELY difficult. Trust me.

     7. I have absolutely NO patience whatsoever. I hate waiting and I seem to be waiting for everything. The last Harry Potter movie, the next Boys Like Girls album, the last books of The Wheel of Time series and about a zillion other books. Oh and let's not forget those queries I've got out there.

     8. I have a disease my sister-in-law diagnosed as: Gettheheckawayfrommeitis. Luckily, it's not fatal for me. But it can be fatal for others- just a warning.

     9. Why do my kids always insist on jumping on me? I'm sitting on the couch- they jump on me. I'm standing- they run and jump on me. I'm laying down in bed- they jump on the bed and then jump on me. If I'm on the floor in any position- they take a flying leap at me. What is the deal? It's like I am the quarterback and they are the tacklers determined to get the sack.

     10. Success comes from CAN's not CAN'Ts. Thank you Hines Ward for that one.

     11. Fantasy is my first love. It feels great to be reading it again and so far Ranger's Apprentice isn't disappointing.