Me? Weepy? No Way!

     What is up with playlist? All of a sudden they decide to make 'licensing restrictions' and now the music won't play for me? Not cool. Not that I need the music, I have my iTunes playlist to listen to. But this past week without music on my blog has been weird. And not in a good way weird. After I'm done this post I'm going to have to find myself another site to use.
     And can I ask what is up with the ginormous zit that appeared just in time for my 10th wedding anniversary? I mean really. It's probably due to my query stress and the fact that this week has been busier than usual, but still. Oh well, my husband is stuck with me, huge zit and all, poor schmuck.
     Anyway, I read a great book this week: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.

     Right off the bat- great voice. The first lines: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, deejay." Totally, simply, brilliant. The voice really stood out and kept me reading, even when I had certain issues going on. This book took me through a range of emotions. At the beginning, I struggled with how suicidal the main character is. This just shows my very normal, trauma-free upbringing, but that's just not something I can relate to. I didn't get it. I didn't understand quite the despair she was feeling. I just kept thinking, geez this is depressing. By the middle of the book, I was totally into it as her depression lightens a teensy bit because she's distracted by this old diary she's found. The book goes back and forth between Andi (the MC) and the diary entries dealing with Alex- a girl alive during the French Revolution. (Of course I loved that since I love history of all kinds).
     Yesterday, I was reading the last half of the book, and I found myself almost... weepy. That might not be the best word since I don't think I've ever been weepy. But, I found myself on the verge of tears when I burnt two pans during dinner (stupid pork chop recipe), and again when my son held up his fork, a (barely) singed piece of pork sitting on it and said, "this is burnt pig".
     Then I'm at Walmart getting Easter stuff and I hear a young guy say hi to a young girl- both Walmart workers. Why did I get weepy at that? Well, who knows really, except the guy had a very pronounced limp- something more serious than a sprained ankle- and the girl said hi back so sweetly that my eyes started to sting.
     THEN, I'm talking to a friend on the phone, listening as she tells me of a certain trouble she went through, and I'm again trying to hold back tears so that my voice doesn't come out all weird ad squeaky.
     I mean SHEESH. I'm not pregnant, nor can I blame my weepy-ness on any other "female" related matter. I hardly ever cry for real. Sure, I easily cry during movies, tv shows, books, but never for real. The weepy-ness could have been due to stress, or tiredness.
     But I blame the book. The book had so many raw emotions, strong emotions, emotions that I've never felt before. And I think for some reason, they brought out all of my own.
     The book was really good. But I feel I should give this WARNING: Accidents may occur of an emotional nature while reading. Please prepare yourself accordingly- tissues, chocolate, a pillow to punch and/or scream into, a person to hug, or whatever else you might need to keep yourself from almost bawling in the Walmart check-out line. Read at your own risk.