Romance Novels

     Well, I read my first ever romance novel. Yep, I admit it. In the past, I would quickly walk past the aisles of novels whose covers had women with flowing hair and men with rippling muscles showing, avoiding even looking at them. I would mentally sneer at them in disdain and think, I'm above such nonsense.
     Then, while researching a certain agent, I found a list of books she likes. Since I couldn't get a hold of any she actually represents, I decided to read a couple of the ones she likes. The Duff was one. The romance novel- the other.

     Luckily the cover did not have half-clothed people on it or I probably would have cringed away and left it on the library shelf. Instead I checked it out, not embarrassed at all (ok maybe a little) and then read it through on Monday and Tuesday.
    So what did I think? Well... I loved it! I did! I actually loved it. It just goes to show you- don't judge, don't stereotype- not just people, but book genres as well.
    So okay, it did have one scene that I could have done without. I had almost made it to the end thinking, maybe I really judged romance too harshly, maybe not all of them have the "scene". Well, I was wrong. This one did. And I was disappointed. Really- it so wasn't necessary. The book, called What Happens In London by Julia Quinn, takes place in the 1800s where a woman's reputation is VERY important to her. So it just made no sense to me that the main character, a "lady", would sacrifice that, even if she did love the guy. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm used to Jane Austen where they have all the flirtations, the witty banter, the love, but not even one tiny bit of kissing. So for this girl to give it up just didn't make sense to me.
     Other than that, I loved the book. It was hilarious- and I mean freaking hilarious. Julia Quinn is expert at the witty banter. I pretty much giggled or laughed right out loud on almost every page. Not much action happened in the book, but the conversation was just awesome. And I loved how the main character- Lady Olivia- would make lists in her head. Like this one:

Unmarried Lady Sorts of Things
By Lady Olivia Bevelstoke, Unmarried Lady

Wear pastel colors (and be quite glad if you possess the correct complexion for such hues)
Smile and keep your opinions to yourself (with whatever success you are able)
Do what your parents tell you to do
Accept the consequences when you don't
Find a husband who won't bother to tell you what to do

     She does those lists a lot throughout the book and I thought they were so funny.
     Anyway, the moral of the story (or blog post) is... you never know if you'll like it unless you try it. Granted, I might try Julia Quinn again but I probably won't pick up any other romance authors unless they're recommended to me, for the simple fact that I don't want to be reading the ones that have "scenes" in every other chapter. But I definitely won't judge anymore. And I'll try not to be embarrassed the next time I check one out of the library...