Random Rants

     A publicist once said that authors should only blog positive things. Well, ok. Maybe. But can I just take a second to rant? I mean, everybody's got to do it sometime. It's not like life is always roses. So here are some of my random rants:

1- Why is it that tv shows like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl stop from november to late january, come back for a month, and then go away again until april? I don't get it. Is it because of march madness and the impending hockey playoffs? First off, the people who watch those shows are mostly teen and (ahem) slightly older girls who wouldn't be watching sports in the first place. And secondly, don't most people have PVR's these days?

2- It's been, what, six months or more since Mockingjay came out, so why hasn't Catching Fire come out in paperback yet? What is the deal?

3- Straightening my hair is such a pain. I mean, I know I don't HAVE to do it. But if I don't I'm left with this awful crinkly style that I loathe and despise, which means I have to spend fifteen or twenty minutes with my arm in the air holding the darn straightener.

4- I've read at least three blogs done by 'professionals' who have all called Stephenie Meyer- Stephenie Meyers. I don't know why this bugs me but it does. Um hello- if you're an agent or writer or writing teacher, you'd think you'd know how to spell Stephenie Meyer 's name. She's one of the most popular writers right now.

5- My two year old can't stop taking off her pants. Granted, she's so small that even belts hardly hold them up, but still. Leave your pants on already!

6- Why won't Crossiron Mills put in an Old Navy? It would make my life a lot easier. Seriously.

7- I'm thirty and I still get acne. My mom promised me it would go away after I had kids. But NO! Don't I deserve clear skin after fifteen years of dealing with zits???

8- I get my People StyleWatch in the mail more than a week after it's on stands. The anticipation does nothing for me, I'm just saying.

9- I've been trying over and over to find Faber Drive's "Can't Keep A Secret" to download onto my iPod. No luck. I'm really missing "You And I Tonight" and "Just What I Needed" in my daily music listening.

10- Why is it that just after I've finished vacuuming a room, the kids manage to mess it up again in less than ten seconds, or sometimes even while I'm in the process of doing the vacuuming? It's like, why do I even bother?

     Sheesh, I could go on. But I won't. I'm done ranting. At least for today.