Beautiful Creatures

     I just finished an awesome book. And when I read an awesome book, I want everyone to know about it. This book: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

     What was so great about this YA paranormal romance? It was different. I'm starting to understand what agents and publishers say about wanting something different from the rest. Of course every book is different. But a lot are the same- same plot points, same kind of characters, same kind of love story. You really have to work hard to make it different and stand out if you're writing paranormal YA these days since it's so popular.
      Some of the differences in this book? Well, for one, it was told from a boy's point of view. Most YA books written by females are told by the female lead. So that earned this book a point. Another thing, instead of leading you through the whole book until the very end with the big 'reveal'- they said it near the beginning. That wasn't the whole point of the book. No- they fall in love but can't be together because, surprise, at the end she turns out to be a witch. Instead we find out early on that she has powers but that's not the problem- or at least not the only problem. Another point.
      And a big hook for me- the book delves into the past, civil war era to be exact. I love that. I love to go back in time when I'm reading. And not only that, but I was reading about the South, somewhere I've only visited once but clearly don't get. The kind of place you have to live in to understand.
     Ok so I'm not very good at book reviews. But the book was awesome. I said that already but it's true. Awesome. One that will stick with me for the awhile- at least until I get pulled into the world of the next book I read.