Yay! Harry Potter!

     In honor of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 coming out today, I'm posting the trailer, which I'm sure every person alive has already seen- but I don't care.
     Sadly, due to a busy weekend, I won't be able to see it until next thursday. I've already bought my tickets and I'm counting down the days- 6 more to go! (Uh-oh, my nerdiness is showing, isn't it?)
     I can't wait to see it. I'm glad they decided to split it into two parts because hopefully that means they'll stay true (or true-er anyway) to the story and not cut too much out. That's my biggest pet peeve with the movies- they chop so much great stuff out that I want to see. Of course I get it- no one wants to watch a five-hour long movie, but still. It's sad when favorite parts of the books are cut out.
     Anyway, can't wait- the movie looks awesome. And to anyone who is seeing it before me- I don't want to hear about it. Especially if you hate it or something. I don't want anyone or anything killing my Harry Potter buzz.