I'm sooooooo excited for tomorrow! I'm meeting Gail Bowen (Canadian mystery author) who is going to critique my first twenty five pages. I received an email from her today telling me she's already read it and thinks it's good. She gave me a critique on my synopsis (which I already figured was BAAAAD) but had only positive things to say about my manuscript. It just made me excited for tomorrow.
     I love to hear the positives but I'm also looking forward to hearing what I can fix or work on. I've pretty much shelved my first book- hardly thinking about it (if hardly thinking about it means five or six times a day as opposed to five hundred times a day... seriously), and not sending it out to anyone. I'm planning to re-edit after I've spoken to her (and after I've read through Harry Potter again since I don't want HP influencing my book in any way), and then I'm going to start sending it out again in late January.
     I can't wait. I know it's good to leave your work for a bit so when you return to it you're coming with a fresh perspective- but I can't help but feel like I'm wasting time. Especially since I haven't been writing either, I'm stuck on research right now. I've been pretty much stagnant in the writing department, and that's never good. So I can't wait for tomorrow. Ok, how many times have a I said that now?
    Just once more- I can't wait!