I just finished reading Linger by Maggie Stiefvater last night. What a great book! It's the second in what's supposed to be a trilogy- Shiver is #1, then Linger, and Forever is slated to come out next year.
     I can't say much about the plot since it kind of gives away Shiver, but the books are about werewolves in small town Minnesota. If you're getting sick of paranormal, or the whole werewolf trend, don't discount these books. It's a different take on it all and I like that no other monsters come along to cloud the picture. (Hopefully that stays true in #3). The great thing about these books are that they are more thoughtful, more poetic, almost literary even, compared to most YA novels. The main guy in the book is often quoting poetry or making up song lyrics in his head which gives the book something more, something deeper. It's nice to be able to expand my horizons (hello Rilke) while still enjoying an easy read. I also liked how the author often did the unexpexted. Sure, some of the basic plot points are pretty predictable, but the story went places that I didn't think it would. Always a good thing. I'm excited for the next one to see how it she wraps up the story.