The Dark Side and The Young Victoria

     So I've crossed over to the dark side. Yep- I've joined facebook. Now some might think- what the heck??? How is facebook the dark side? And others would think- what the heck??? Mel has joined facebook!?!?

     Here's the deal: although I do like keeping my life private, the fact of the matter is that I have written a book, and someday want millions of people to read it. And therefore I need to build a platform. And since I'm not so great at making contacts and networking face to face, why not take the easier route, AKA- Facebook.
     Besides, it's cooler than I thought it would be to see how old friends and family that I never see are doing. What can I say, I'm slow sometimes... which is why I never seem to get in on the trends until they're two, three, or ten years past trendy.

     And speaking of being slow, I just saw The Young Victoria last night with Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend. I know it has been out for awhile but it's one I've wanted to see since I passed on going to the early screening here in Calgary. I really loved the movie. What can I say, if a movie's got huge fancy dresses and people dancing at balls- I'm sold. Although I think the jump from Victoria and Albert being just friends to all-of-a-sudden married was rather quick, it was an interesting portrayal of Queen Victoria's early life. And both leads did a great job. So if anyone likes period pieces and hasn't seen this one yet- see it.
     And speaking of that movie- Albert gives Victoria a piece of music by Schubert that I love and have been trying to download it ever since but sadly it's very difficult to find classical music online these days- especially when you don't know the name of the song. If anyone knows what song I'm talking about and what it's called, let me know...