Lost Words

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had something to say. She used to write funny, witty, inspiring, or insightful blog posts. 

At least, she thinks she did... 

you are but words.gif

The point is, she had something to say. Something to write about. Something to share.

I'm not sure what happened to that girl. Maybe all her words are going into her books, or into her life. Maybe, because life goes on and doesn't change much, she doesn't have anything new. Maybe she's bored with herself. Maybe her inspiration well has run dry. Maybe she's scared. Maybe she's burnt out.

Probably, it's a mix of all of these.

I miss that girl. I miss when things were easy. Words should not be hard for me, ideas shouldn't be scarce, I shouldn't be afraid when I've conquered so many fears since I started. 

she used to be mine.gif

But. I'm not that girl anymore. I've finally realized I can't go back to who I was, I have to move forward. I have to be who I am now and strive to be better each day that comes. Even if that means I have no words for a funny, witty, inspiring or insightful blog post. Even if that means life, my books, and other social media takes all my words so there are none left.

I'm sorry, mostly to myself, that I'm not a constant blogger like I used to be. I wish I could be that girl I used to be, but I'm not. Instead, I gotta celebrate the days when the lost words come back to me, and share them when they do.