Monday Reads: Magnus Chase & the Gods of Asgard

So I got a bit romanced out around Christmas. I just read a few too many Christmas romance novels in a row, combined with lots of Hallmark movies and I just... couldn't anymore. So I switched it up and read Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase & The Gods of Asgard trilogy.

I love Rick Riordan. His books are always exciting, funny, and have great characters. This trilogy was no different. In fact, I thought I might get a bit fatigued and was going to read something else in between the books, but I ended up hardly touching the other book because I was so into the story of Magnus and his friends. It was a bit weird to see Thor and Loki portrayed differently than they are in the Marvel Universe (I prefer the Marvel versions), but it was fun to read about Norse mythology- something I know basically nothing about (again, see Marvel). Magnus was a different MC- kinda soft in a way that Percy and Jason from Riordan's other books aren't- but I found that refreshing. I also loved all of the secondary characters- all of them totally compelling, as always (although I was happy that we finally learned more backstory about Magnus's hallmates in the third book).  

I could gush on but you get the point. I always know what I'm getting with a Rick Riordan book and these ones did not disappoint.