*Terrifical Travels, Part One: Maui

I love to travel. If I could, I would go everywhere, and often. Unfortunately, time, money, and four children prevent that. Fortunately, I have managed to go to some pretty great places in the last year and thought I'd share some pics from the places I've visited.

Last November, I visited Hawaii for the second time. First time was a few years ago for my brother's wedding on Oahu. This time, me and the hubs plus my brother-in-law and his wife went to Maui.

Can I say how much I love Hawaii? I really do. Yes, it's expensive, but it's such a beautiful place and the weather is perfection. I was really worried it wouldn't be warm enough (for me, who hates the cold) in November but it was gorgeous. It never rained and it was never too hot.

We stayed at a time share right on the beach, although the waves near us were massive. Lucky for me and the hubs, it was our turn to get the "good" room, and whoo did we ever. Check out this view!


The trip was the perfect mix of relaxation and sight-seeing. We snorkeled, we tried some great restaurants, we shopped, drove around the island, saw a huge surfing competition (from afar) and even took a helicopter tour, which was so cool. And of course, we went to a luau. The food was iffy but the show was incredible! 

Have you ever been to Hawaii? I would love to go back again. The hubs hasn't been to Oahu and would like to see Pearl Harbour so hopefully one day...

*Is terrifical actually a word? I'm not sure if it is, but I liked the sound of it anyway. I really wanted to call these posts Travels With Trolls but thought the people I traveled with might object. *Bonus points if you know where Travels With Trolls is from.