Cover Reveal Coming Soon...

My novella is done, it's in for formatting, and I have a cover reveal coming this FRIDAY! 

CLASH is a story about Elizabeth Elliot, AKA Ava's older sister Beth from SWAY, AKA Miss Elliot from Persuasion. Beth is a snotty, sometimes mean, no-filtered, and very strong woman who was a lot of fun to write. Despite her hard exterior, she has an inner vulnerability that she doesn't like to show anyone. So when a man and his daughter enter her life... well things get a bit messed up for her. 

Here's the blurb:

Planning a party is easy, falling in love is hard.

No longer content to be a Los Angeles socialite, Elizabeth Elliot starts her own party planning business: Excessively Diverted, making dreams come true one party at a time. She even knows how to handle those unruly party guests, like Antonio Reyes, the man who drank too much, insulted the décor, and didn’t know the difference between crudités and canapés. The nerve. 

So when this same Tony Reyes demands she plan his daughter’s Sweet Sixteen, Elizabeth refuses, no matter how many dollar signs are attached to his name. That is until Elizabeth discovers her new business is in trouble. She must suck up her pride and work with Tony, despite how much she hates the man.

As Elizabeth gets to know Tony and his daughter, her clear-cut hatred starts to get muddled with feelings—the kind that could screw up the job, and her life, completely. She must decide whether risking her heart is worth it… but who has time for all that when there’s a party to be planned? 

Check out my cover reveal on Friday over at Austen Variations! And CLASH will be coming June 27th!