Monday Reads: Late As Usual

One of these days I'll get my act together.

Unfortunately, today is not that day.

Anyway... as of last Monday Reads, I had just gotten three books from the library that I was really excited for. Here they are:

I can tell you right now, THESE BOOKS DID NOT DISAPPOINT. All were 5-star reads for me.

WARBRINGER was fun to read. It was a bit hard at first to get used to this different origin story when I'm so used to the movie, but I didn't enjoy it any less. I especially found the minor characters to be totally compelling and I loved the insight into Diana's life on Themyscira.

WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI was such a fun contemp and I love reading from another (diverse) perspective. It's so interesting to learn where other people are coming from, to learn their differences, and to also see our similiarities and where I could totally relate despite my different religion. I thought this story was so cute. I've heard criticism about Dimple as an MC, but I didn't mind her at all. While I didn't always agree with her choices, I still found them honest and true to her character. Also, Rishi was totally adorable.

MOXIE. Wow, MOXIE. This really deserves five billion stars. It was such a great story about feminism, friendships, first love, and did I mention feminism? I bawled at the end, I found the story so moving, and yet it wasn't one of those super hard to read books you never want to read again because they were disturbing or whatever. This book was an excellent mix of relationships and real issues. I'm definitely owning this one. I mean WOW. A million times WOW.

After those three, I decided to finally finish up a series I've had sitting on my shelf for forever. So I read THE HEIR and THE CROWN by Keira Cass. I enjoyed the first three Selection books. These I didn't like as much... the MC Eadlyn is such a massive brat in the first book it was hard to read sometimes. But the books were still fun, had some great romance and laugh-out-loud moments, and she finished up the series quite nicely. Both 4 stars.

So that was a lot of YA... What did you read this week?