Friday Loves: SUMMER

August is almost over, summer is coming to a close. The kids start school next week. The weather here in Alberta seems to think it's October, not August. And I'm sad.

I love summer. I love not having to wake up to an alarm. I love spending time with my kids. I love that they help me with the house cleaning. I love taking them to do fun things. I love the beach.

I don't get a lot done in the summer, that's the only downside to it. I have a writing to-do list a mile long that I barely made a dent it. But I really relish these two months of being with my kids. Sure, they drive me crazy sometimes. (Mom, I'm bored. Mom, I have nothing to do. Mom, why can't we go somewhere. Mom, if I can't play the computer then I don't want to do anything!) But during the school year, there's barely any time to do anything with school, and four kids different after-school activities.

I'm going to miss the summer. I'm going to miss lazy days, and days spent at the beach, and the nice weather (which we barely got any of this summer). I'm going to miss the slower pace. Summer- I love you. And please come back again soon.