Friday Loves: NEWSIES!

It's 8pm on Friday here in Alberta, making me a bit late for my Friday Loves post. But I didn't want to miss it, because I did something fun last weekend and have to share it with the world! (I'm laughing right now because that sentence sounds very magnanimous in my head.)

Anyway, I took my two oldest daughters to see NEWSIES the musical last weekend. As a young teen, I LOVED Newsies. Like crazy. Watched it over and over. Had it memorized. In fact, my BFF and I made this whole Newsies II story, where we were girls who had to disguise ourselves as boys so we could work as Newsies, and of course we fell in love with a couple of the characters while we were at it (Jack Kelly for her, and Kid Blink for me- he's the guy with the eye patch. I had a thing for him. Don't ask.) As a total aside, me and the kids watched the movie a couple of days after seeing the musical, and during one of the bonus features, I learned that some girls actually were Newsies, and didn't have to disguise themselves. So there goes our story. *shrug*

ANYWAY, I absolutely loved the musical. I was pretty much grinning the entire time. And surprisingly, I really liked the changes they made to the musical. I say surprisingly because when you are used to something being one way, it's hard to love it when it's different. But I loved how Jack was an artist, I loved the added songs, and MOST OF ALL I loved how the female love interest was a reporter instead of just Davey's sister. She has a great story all her own and it really strengthened their love story. The only thing I didn't love was they sorta dialed down Spot's character. Bummer- I love him in the movie.

If you like musicals, NEWSIES is definitely a must-see. The dancing especially was stellar. I'd go to it again in a heartbeat.