I Just Can't

The world is a scary place. Sometimes so scary that I just want to hunch into a ball, cover my ears with my hands and go, "lalalalala." No seriously. There are times I stay away from social media now because it's the same as watching the news- something I don't do. I know it's important to stay informed, but when all the bad things happen, and then all of the fighting/disagreements/negativity that happens on social media, it gets to be a bit too much at times.

This isn't a post about world change. It isn't a post about the importance of conversations and talking and learning. That is important, but it's a post for another day. This is just me saying that sometimes I can't handle the negativity. It brings me down. It makes me scared/depressed/angry/listless. So I try my darnedest not to get involved. This doesn't mean I don't have my opinions. It doesn't mean I'm not listening and learning, because I am. I'm just not jumping in. 

It also means I try my darnedest not to add to it. Everything I say on social media, I try to make it positive, or at least funny. It doesn't always work. Of course it doesn't. But when I hear the negativity, when I get caught up in it, when I stomp around my house or write then delete tweets, then when I take a breath, step back, step away, and come back with a silly post about The Bachelorette or my kids or the book I read lately, that's why. Because sometimes I just can't.