Wednesday Writes: How Melanie Got Her Groove Back

I think I got that curse... that thing that happens to newly published authors when they find they can't write another word. 

From what I've heard, it's usually a Book 2 kind of syndrome. They're worried the second book won't live up to their first, especially if it's a sequel. 

This isn't my problem. I'm actually on Book 7 now, so I've long passed Book 2. Plus, this isn't a sequel. It could maybe be called a third book in a retelling trilogy, but the three books can all be read standalone, and I finished the second one last year.

Another reason I've heard for authors struggling under this curse is the time-sap of marketing oneself after your book has come out. 

Yeah, this is sort of me. I find I'm trying to be regular with my own blog schedule, plus I blog at three other sites. Plus I'm trying to stay active on social media. Plus I'm trying to get out there, doing book readings and speaking engagements... though those have been pretty minimal so can't really be used as an excuse. 

To be honest, it's all an excuse. I mean, yes, it's true, what I said above. Marketing takes time. But it's still no excuse not to be writing. I have no clue why it's taken me this long to start another book. Lack of motivation? Fear? Exhaustion? No idea. Maybe all three. In any case, it feels good to finally get some words down on paper. But I still have some steps to climb before I get back into my writing groove. I'm not there yet. I wrote a bit on Monday- don't even know how much since I had to do it in an email- then I did nothing yesterday due to the demands of my day. Today is a new day, and hopefully one in which I will get some words down. 

No. Not hopefully. Definitely. I will do it. Day by day, bit by bit, is the only way to get my groove back. To get to that place where I'm excited to write again. I desperately want to be in that place again.

Have you ever hit a writing funk? What do you do to get out of it?