My reading has slowed down a bit, as it does from time to time, so this past couple of weeks I only read two books. 

First, SEE HOW THEY RUN by Ally Carter. This is a sequel to Carter's ALL FALL DOWN, and part of her Embassy Row series. Ally Carter is one of my fave YA authors. Her Gallagher Girls series is so fun, and I also enjoyed the Heist Society trilogy. Ally Carter writes suspense/thrillers. GG is about girl spies, HS is about thieves. The ER books have the same feel in that way, but I feel they're a lot more serious than her other books. For that reason, they're probably my least favourite out of everything she's written, but the books are still good. Always fast paced, with well-drawn characters and settings, and exciting plots. I wasn't disappointed by this sequel at all.

Then I read THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE by Heidi Heilig. The premise to this book is so cool: about a girl living on a ship that can travel anywhere, anytime, even mythical places, as long as they have a map. I did wonder, about a quarter of the way through, where the book was going, and actually wished they might have travelled a bit more rather than staying most of the book in Hawaii. But otherwise, there wasn't anything wrong with this book. It was a solid read, I loved the Hawaii setting and time period, and I'll definitely pick up a sequel.