Friday Loves: UTAH

No really. Utah. 

I went to Brigham Young University  in Provo, Utah for one year (plus an extra summer semester) and it was definitely the funnest (I don't care if funnest isn't a word) year of my life. I had great roommates, excellent classes (except  8 am biology... what was I thinking???), and I loved the whole atmosphere. Most of all though, Provo felt like home.

I've lived a lot of places in my life so I'm of the attitude now that home is wherever you make it. It doesn't really matter to me where I live- I could move anywhere (except somewhere cold- Alberta is cold enough thankyouverymuch). But there's something about Utah... every time I go it just feels like home.

Me in front of the new Provo temple

Me in front of the new Provo temple

I took a short trip with my four kids and my parents to Utah last week. Mainly, I went to help my parents, who are getting on in years (don't tell them I said that), drive. I attended a cousin's wedding, and got to see two of my brothers and one sister. It was really great to be there and I wish I could've stayed longer. The entire time I was there I was devising ways to convince my husband we should move there. I didn't bother trying when I got home though, he'd never go for it. Besides, the grass is always greener, right? Just because I loved it when I was 18, doesn't mean it would be the same now. But it's still a place I'd love to live, and definitely a place I like to visit. 

So my Friday Love goes to Utah, that beautifully Mormon state.