I'm not into zombies- never have been. The movie I AM LEGEND gave me nightmares, I totally didn't get the love story in WARM BODIES, and I thought it was absolutely ridiculous that someone wrote a book called PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES. Like, would Jane Austen laugh at this or turn over in her grave (like a zombie...)?

Once I saw the trailer for P&P&Z though, I knew I had to give the movie a shot. I watched it this week and was surprised by how funny it was. I mean, the whole thing was really weird. When you know and love a story so much and to see it changed like that (ex: Darcy's proposal going from- let's talk angrily about this to- let's beat the crap out of each other) is just strange. But it was so strange that it worked, it was FUNNY. I never thought the movie would be funny. (Although there were a few things that didn't work for me, but I won't get into those.)

The best part, aside from seeing Elizabeth Bennett kick some major behind- which also kinda works with her character, was Matt Smith playing Mr. Collins. Sorry, PARSON Collins. He was so good! And I loved seeing him in something other than Doctor Who. He stole the movie, IMO. This was the first time in any P&P of any kind where I actually liked Mr. Collins! This was also the first time where I thought Bingley was hotter than Darcy. (I don't think I've seen Sam Riley in anything else so... is that really his voice?)

Anyway, it was fun movie and I'm glad I gave it a shot. Still not going to read the book though.