Friday Loves: Downton Abbey

I think it was my mom who introduced me to Downton Abbey in the first place (my mom is good like that). I've loved and hated this show every season. Actually, that's not true- I've loved the show, but hated some of the characters. I remember after the first season feeling like most of the characters were just awful. Or being hugely disappointed when [SPOILER ALERT] both Sybil and Matthew died- two of the best (as in GOOD) people on the show. But I've been hooked on it from the start- the drama, the fighting, the loving, the scheming, the costumes. All of it. This has been one of my favorite shows and I'm bummed it's come to an end.



I wasn't disappointed by the last season though. It was definitely a lot tamer than previous seasons, probably because everything had to be wrapped up for the finale. But it was nice to see the drama a little less... dramatic. And to see the characters finally get their happy endings. Without giving any spoilers away (because some of you might still be watching it on TV), everything wrapped up very nicely. It was the perfect way to end the series. 

What I find really fascinating about this show is how I really didn't like a lot of the characters, and yet I kept watching, and kept rooting for them. Mary, for example. UGH. She's such a snobby, vain jerk most of the time. One of the last episodes I really wanted to punch her in the face for being so mean, and yet when she cried, I cried. Same with Barrow. He spent almost five seasons manipulating people and being all around despicable, but I felt sorry for him many times, I wanted to see him get his happy ending because then maybe it would've made him a better person. Obviously the writers did a great job on these characters because despite their many mistakes or downright awfulness, I still rooted for them. 

I'll miss this show. I already want to go back and watch from the beginning... but I'll wait a year or two at least. ;)