Friday Loves: My Parents

This is an obvious one, but talking about how much you love your mom and dad is never a bad thing.

Me and the kids spent last week at my parents house because the kids didn't have school. So I slept on a hard bed and didn't get my exercising done, and all around it would've been easier to spend the week at home. But we had a great week and I'm happy every time I go. My parents, my mom especially, are so good with the kids. My mom does "projects" with them, my dad takes them around in the Handi-Bus, we watch movies and play a ton of games. My kids love going to Grandma's and I'm so grateful that my parents live close enough (3hrs away) that we can go often. 

Amy and Doctor hugging.gif

So big love to my wonderful parents, I'm so grateful to have them in my life.