Wednesday Writes: A Whirlwind Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been crazy around here. Not only was it Christmas and New Years, but my book released right in between the two. So there's been lots of food eating, celebrating, spending time with family, staying up late, and trying not to obsess- and that was just Christmas Eve. ;) There's also been lots of time spent on social media. So much that I'm starting to get a little sick of myself, to be honest.

But that won't stop me from continuing #31DaysofSWAY, which is where I mention and link a song from SWAY's playlist on Facebook or Twitter. Yesterday was fun because instead of posting a YouTube link, I played the song myself! Since there was only me, and I have no clue how to edit videos on my phone, it took many takes to get it right, and even then I made a lot of mistakes in the song. Not to mention my "hope you're having a great day" at the end of the video. Honestly.

Anyway, you can check out the video on Facebook and see me attempt to play a piano piece as well as my main character Ava would.