I had a slow reading week, only one book and it was an anthology. Yep, I finally got around to reading THEN COMES WINTER- the anthology that has a story by yours truly in it.

THEN COMES WINTER is a book of holiday romance stories, a lot of them Austenesque. Some are modern (like mine) and some are regency. Five of six of Austen's novels are represented- PRIDE & PREJUDICE, SENSE & SENSIBILITY, PERSUASION, NORTHANGER ABBEY, and MANSFIELD PARK. P&P was the most represented, no surprise.

If you're a Jane Austen fan, definitely pick this one up. Or if you just want some stories to cozy up with this winter, also a good pick. It was interesting to see the different directions that each of the authors chose to take the theme. My fave (which maybe I shouldn't admit, and no, it's not mine) was DELIVERY BOY by Suzan Lauder. I couldn't even tell you why it's my favorite, I just found myself smiling through every page.The whole book was a fun read and made me want to do a Jane Austen marathon as soon as I finished.