Wednesday Writes: Getting Lost in Marketing

I've heard from countless authors before me about how they reached a point where they realized the whole writing aspect of writing had gotten lost. They were too busy promoting themselves, answering emails, checking sales numbers, doing guest blog posts, and maybe even appearances.

Suddenly, I'm starting to understand this. Not that I didn't get it before, but I'm living it now. Over the holidays, I had time off from writing while my latest manuscript was with my CPs, so I didn't feel guilty about taking the time to organize SWAY's blog tour, write guest posts, read a lot, and figure out my next steps marketing steps. But last weekend I got notes back from two out of three CPs and planned to start my revision on Monday. I have a deadline after all. A DEADLINE. But both Monday and Tuesday I did NOTHING.

Nothing for revisions, I mean. I had errands to run, a house to clean, exercising to do (I'm trying to get back into it). I went to Writer's Group, did an over-the-phone interview, wrote up another guest post, did a lot of social media-ing. It was a list of a bunch of tiny things that ended up taking ALL my time. I realize now how easy (scary easy) it is to get distracted from the ACTUAL WRITING with everything else.

I think the really scary part is that all of this extra stuff is necessary. I wasn't wasting time. I guess I don't have to promote my book, but I HAVE to promote my book. Otherwise why get published at all? But I know that I need to start managing my time better, otherwise I will never get my revisions done by my deadline, and the thought of that isn't scary- it's HORRIFYING.

I don't have any advice because I'm so new to this all. Anyone out there come up with a plan on how to manage both writing and marketing at the same time? I'd love to hear your thoughts.