31 Days of SWAY

Music was a huge part in the making of... or, er writing of SWAY. Ava, the main character, is a pianist who graduated with a Master's from Juilliard, and her ex, Eric, is a Michael Buble-esque crooner. I mention music a lot through the book, including two "original" songs. (I bunny-eared original because the words are mostly Jane Austen's words but with my adaptation.)

SWAY has a playlist of forty songs, all but seven actually mentioned in the manuscript. So I decided to do a little thing called #31DaysofSWAY. I'm going to post songs from the playlist on Twitter and Facebook with just a bit of why they were important (if I have the space in 140 characters) during the month of January. I always love to share, tweet, and talk about music because it's such an important part of my life. So if you're ever on Twitter or FB, click on a song or two and take a listen to the music that helped shape this novel.

#31DaysofSWAY starts today with Bach's "Air on the G String." This song happens when Ava and Eric first meet.