Friday Loves: CONCERTS!!!

The past couple of weeks I've had the privilege to go to two AMAZING concerts! I took all three of my girls to ONE DIRECTION first, and we had a blast- even my youngest who is only six. I was shocked by how excited they got when the lights went down and 1D came out. Shocked because I probably like One Direction better than all three of them, LOL. It was at an outdoor football stadium, and even though it rained on us, we all had a great night!

Then this past week me and the oldest daughter (she's 11) saw TAYLOR SWIFT. We've been to her past two concerts together before this one and we both heart her. This concert though- AMAZING. Probably the best concert I've ever been to. A definite must-see if you get the chance. I wish I could've taken all my girls... next time, hopefully!

One of the great things about this concert was they gave everyone in the audience a free bracelet that would light up to the beat of the music and change colors to match her lighting. It was pretty cool. All the little dots in the picture above are from the bracelets.