My PitchWars Mentee Bio

I'm excited to give PitchWars a shot this year. A super CP of mine got her agent from it last year so I know all about how it works, it really works.

So a little bit about me, in case, yanno, you want to pick me as your mentee. WHICH YOU DO.

First, my creds. Because I actually have creds. Yep, my first book, an adult romance, is coming out this winter from Samhain Publishing. It's a retelling of PERSUASION by Jane Austen set in LA and features lots of music, lots of regret, lots of bitter, and maybe a kiss or two.

So I know what it means to work hard, and I love seeing my manuscripts go from what I think is good, to even better.

My PitchWars manuscript is YA mystery with a hint of fantasy. It's got a confident yet sometimes naive MC, a reclusive boy who may or may not have done something to his ex-girlfriend, a jerk with a bad attitude, an adorkable rich boy, lots of theatre goings-on, and a person who is stealing hearts- literally.

It was inspired by this song.

Now some random facts:

I love Doctor Who.

Period dramas.

The beach and boy bands. (Or boy bands on the beach *wink wink*)

Dance and Taylor Swift. (This GIF just says it all.)

I can quote every single Friends episode, ever.

I'm a mom of four awesome kids. 

One day, when those four awesome kids grow up, I will travel the world. Yes I will.

And that's all I'm going to say about that. Except...

Pick me!