Friday Loves: Mark Ruffalo, Feminism, and My Mom

Aside from Mark Ruffalo being the best Hulk, his passion for the environment, and the fact that I like that movie he made with Reese Witherspoon where she was in a coma, there was this thing I saw online this week that made me heart him even more.

I didn't realize there was an I Am Not A Feminist thing going on, but Mark Ruffalo's response is the best ever. Check it out on his Tumblr here. I've actually been thinking about feminism a lot lately, and how I used to consider myself NOT a feminist because it held a certain stereotype, for me and maybe for all the world. But I'm learning more and more every day just the types of inequality we women face on a daily basis, and not just the in-your-face kind of issues but littler things. Those things that both men AND women do that brings an inbalance between genders. I'm not very eloquent about my feelings on it, obviously, which is why you should check out Mark Ruffalo's post because he says it just right.

So yep, my feminism is showing, and I don't mind one bit.

Another thing I love is my Mom. I love her more than just this week, of course, but she's come to stay with us for a week and a half and it's great to have her here. I've pretty much always had a great relationship with my mom, and I'm super grateful for that. And of course she's amazing with my kids and they love spending time with Grandma. My mom is an excellent example of a strong woman without being loud, a compassionate woman without demanding thanks, a smart woman without being condescending. She's the best mother a girl could ask for and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.

What are you loving this week?