I've read a lot of acknowledgement pages. Like most writers, before I even start the book I flip to the back to see who the author's agent is, and if I recognize any of the names. In all the acknowledgement pages I've read, I don't remember anyone ever saying thank you to people who participate in cover reveals. Maybe they do, and I just don't remember, or I wasn't paying close enough attention. Or maybe they don't because acknowledgement pages shouldn't turn into novels themselves. Who knows.

So anyway, whether I'm allowed to or not later, or if I forget, for my Friday Loves today I want to thank everyone who so readily agreed to take part in my cover reveal yesterday. I'm constantly amazed by the writing community and how writers help each other out. Sometimes we put ourselves in competition with other authors because they got an agent first, or a three-book deal, or whatever. But we don't need to do that! We build each other up, we work together. I've seen it. Each person who volunteered to be part of my cover reveal is proof of that, and I'm so thankful.

So here's my Academy Award Speech, except with links. You could never get links at the Oscars.

I'd like to thank Michelle Merrill, RuthAnne Frost, Prerna Pickett, Jaime Morrow, Tyler-Rose Counts, S. L. Hennessy, Vanessa Eccles and the YA-NA Sisterhood, Laura Brown Teckman, Cathrina Constantine, Kristin Van Risseghem, Kathleen Allen, Maggie Findlay, Vanessa Reeves Rodriguez, Emma Wicker, Jennifer Rose Egan, Karen Mahara, and Anne Marie Hilse.


You girls are the best!!!