Wednesday Writes: Revisions Round Bazillion

I'm plugging away at revisions on JAR OF HEARTS and I think it's going good. I think. Revisions are hard. I get back CP or beta notes and I totally understand what they're saying but then when I try to implement it, I second guess myself. Like, am I really making a difference? Or am I just making it worse? Or am I fixing one problem only to create another? Argh, revisions. Not my fave.

I also have a set date for my cover reveal for SWAY. It's coming next Thursday and I'm super excited to have my cover out in the world!!! EEEK! I'm also planning to take author headshots soon and I can't make up my mind whether I want to do a country/park setting or more urban. Not that it really matters because you probably won't see it in the background, but yet, it MATTERS. So indecisive.

What are you working on this week?