Friday Loves: Veronica Mars and MY BOOK COVER!!!

This will be the last time I do VERONICA MARS for a Friday Loves post, I swear. I just finished the third season, plus the movie, and LOVE!!! Love love love. I really get it- the hype, the fandom, the absolute mystification on why this show was ever cancelled because it is genius.

Except... I truly think Veronica belongs with Piz, not Logan. As much as I love Logan, I think they have something a little toxic going on. Piz is perfect for her. Just my opinion.

My second love this week is... MY BOOK COVER!!! Yes, I officially have a cover for SWAY! EEEEK! Yes, I will be revealing it soon. DOUBLE EEEEK!

And super yes, I LOVE IT!

What are you loving this week?