Friday Loves: Jane Austen

It's gotta be no secret that I'm a Jane Austen fan. My first published book is a retelling of one of her novels.

My love affair with her work started off in high school, when my sister got me into the BBC version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I read that book first, and then it took me a few years to read through the rest of her work. I've also read a few biographies, and lots and lots of retellings of her work and novelizations of her life. I've watched every version of every movie ever made based on her books (except maybe some black and white ones) and own most of them. I even own a dress that looks very regency, despite the fact that it's black and I bought it at Ross. I'm not quite as superfangirl as Jane in Austenland (love that book/movie) but I would never deny my love.

Jane's bedroom in Austenland

Jane's bedroom in Austenland

I'm talking about Jane Austen today not only because SWAY is less than two weeks from debut (eek!) but because Jane Austen's birthday was December 16th (the same day as my oldest daughter's). It seems only fitting that I pay my respects to one of my favorite authors.

I could wax eloquent about her work, the impact it has had and still has on society, I could talk about what I admire in Jane herself... If I was more scholarly, this would be an essay complete with footnotes and famous quotes. But I'm not scholarly. I love Jane Austen's novels because I just do. The best way to show my love is to post this video, which I didn't even make, but I think is a beautiful tribute to the author and her work.