This past spring I wrote a short story called BECOMING FANNY and entered it into a Jane Austen-themed holiday romance anthology contest. I ended up being chosen as First Runner-Up, which means BECOMING FANNY will be featured in the anthology coming out before Christmas!

This past Tuesday was the cover reveal for THEN COMES WINTER, the title of the anthology, and I think it's really adorable. The cover kinda fits with my personal story, and I love how there's Jane Austen writing below the picture (taken from EMMA).

The authors and editor of the anthology will be hosting a weeklong Facebook party from November 16th-20th to celebrate the launch, with tons of giveaways and swag, including an advanced e-copy of my book SWAY! Come check us out if you get the chance.

BECOMING FANNY is MANSFIELD PARK meets HOLIDAY INN.Blair McTavish loves quizzes. But when she does“Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?” and gets Fanny Price, she’s disappointed. Blair wants to be Elizabeth Bennet, not Fanny. After all, Fanny wouldn’t leave her dysfunctional family over Christmas to perform in a musical with complete strangers.

But every time Blair tries to be more like Elizabeth, things go horribly wrong. If Blair doesn’t figure out who she really is, this Christmas will be rotten, just like all the rest. Or maybe, if she can learn to be happy with herself, it may just be the best Christmas ever.