Confession: I don't really read romance.

I know, I know, I WRITE romance. And you should ALWAYS DEFINITELY read the genre you write in. Before you accuse me of not practicing what I preach, here's the thing: I don't really read romance, as in category. As in, the really racy rated R kind. I don't write that type of romance either. I'm not knocking it, it's just not my jam. Before SEDUCING CINDERELLA, I think I'd only read one other romance novel- a Victorian one. The reason I picked it up in the first place is because my male MC in COLLIDE is a fighter, and Reid from SC is an MMA fighter.

So did I like SEDUCING CINDERELLA (by Gina L. Maxwell)? Yes. It was a great story with great characters. Reid was hot and sexy and sweet, and Lucie was the typical You-Don't-Know-You're-Beautiful kind of girl, but it didn't feel formulaic. There was plenty or racy to go around, so if you like that, then definitely check out this book.

I love romance in books. It's almost a must for me (I say almost because I've read a few really amazing books that had no romance storyline in them). I love to write romance. But for me the fun is the flirting, the will they/won't they, the push and pull. The almost kisses. It reminds me of this meme I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago that made me laugh, it was so true for me:

What about you? Chippendales or top hats and cravats? LOL