Wednesday Writes: Interruptions

My poor poor NA manuscript. I think I wrote the first draft without any interruptions, but every time I try to revise, I get interrupted with something else. I've read through fifteen chapters so far, taking notes on each, but then I had to quit because I received the digital copy of SWAY from my publisher which I had to read through and look for errors. MAN was it hard not to tweak stuff. I'm such a nitpicker- it never ends. (I refrained because I wasn't allowed, which is probably a good thing.) A day after I received my first round of edits from my other editor for my short story BECOMING FANNY. Both of these were due ASAP so my NA WIP had to be put aside for a bit. Again.

Just a bit though because I got both done and I can go back to it today. YAY! I have to say, I don't do well with jumping from project to project. I much prefer to focus on one until the work I need to do is done, then I can put it aside and work on something else. But it's okay, I'm learning to adapt and these different edits and deadlines have been good for me. I am happy to go back to my NA WIP though and hopefully I'll get these revisions done by Christmas. Like I said, deadlines are good.