Wednesday Writes: Finding Voice

I've been working away at my NA retelling. I'm changing the entire setting from a fictional city to Las Vegas, and I'm adding in a second POV of the LI. This past week I also wrote a back cover blurb and a synopsis, the latter sucking somewhat fiercely since my 2nd POV isn't completely written, the book hasn't gone to CP's yet, and I have a feeling some things will change. I'm still super nervous about this 2nd POV because I just haven't found this guy's voice yet. He's kind of a tough guy- foster homes then living on the streets- and he likes to fight, so it's been hard for me trying to figure out what he'd sound like, especially since I don't use cussing in my books. It makes things tricky, to say the least.

I've kinda kept this book under wraps so far, but I feel safe to say now that this is a retelling of Elizabeth Gaskell's NORTH & SOUTH, or should I say, inspired by it, since it's a very LOOSE retelling. I love that story like crazy and I'm excited about this book and hope hope hope it ends up being great.

What are you working on this week?