Friday Loves

We pretty much got back to normal over here at the Stanford house. Had our follow-up lice appointment at the lice clinic yesterday and we're LICE FREE! YAY! Now if we can just keep it that way... I know I'm going to suffer from lice paranoia for the next little while.

So love #1: THE LICE CLINIC!!! (I know I used that one last week, but hey, the place is great.)
Love #2: VERONICA MARS. I'm almost done season one, and yes, I'm getting it- the hype and all. I'm hooked.
Girl crush!
Love #3: Chocolate covered strawberries! Me and the hubs celebrated 14 years of marriage this week (whaaat?) and that's what he got me. We're also trying out a fancy Italian restaurant on the weekend because we're fancy kinda people. (Or so we like to pretend...)
What are you loving this week?