Friday Loves

So I'm writing this on Thursday night and currently I have a headache, I'm tired, and plain ol' ready for bed. It's hard to find loves right now.

*massages head*

*tries to think*

Oh yeah, some are coming to me know.

First on this week's LOVE LIST, is the movie HOME. I took my kids to see it for my son's birthday and it was super cute. Plus, it's impossible not to love Sheldon's voice.
My hands are in the air like I just do not care!
Second on my LOVE LIST, the season finale of SLEEPY HOLLOW, which me and the hubs finally got around to watching. The second season was just okay, but I loved the finale. SPOILERS AHEAD: I'm happy that Henry is gone (because man I was getting sick of him), I always knew Katrina would bite the dust one day (poor, poor Ichabod), and the last episode in the past was awesome. My favorite so far. Of course, I have a thing for the past, so... Hopefully next season will knock it out like the last episode did.
I'm trying Ichabod, I'm trying.
What are you loving this week?