What's Up Wednesday: Insurgent

I finished SHOPAHOLIC TO THE STARS by Sophie Kinsella. I got more into it by the middle, but it was a bit long and then it ended abruptly. I liked it better when the books were more standalone. I do still get a kick out of Becky's hijinks though. Then I read WHEN JOSS MET MATT which I liked, although their relationship was this one endless cycle and that's exactly how it started to feel- endless. I pretty much knew what would happen in the end and I just wanted to get to it. Now I'm reading PERFECT ESCAPE by Jennifer Brown.

Still working on JAR OF HEARTS. I've found my groove and I think things are going good. I'm still jotting down each chapter on notecards, but I've already started moving things around. I really hope I'm not messing it all up! Goal: keep at it!

I haven't really set goals during WUW posts. I usually forget. But I find having a daily goal, even if it's just, do a little bit, helps a lot. I don't have a set day or time I want to be done these revisions, I just want to keep up the momentum.

Tried out a new restaurant on the weekend- The Canadian Brewhouse. Food was good, I had a super yummy donair, but it was really loud in there (I sound like my mom). Also saw INSURGENT. I liked it, although I wasn't blown away. It's been forever since I read the book so I don't know what they changed/cut, but a lot of it felt familiar to me. Everything except that box. What was that??? ( I remember the message, and Tris giving herself up to go there, but nothing else to do with that box.)